Board of Directors


Dr. Julie Gould, OB/GYN, MD - Co-Chair

Julie has worked as an Ob-Gyn physician in the West LA area for the past 6 years.  It is her passion for women and children which led her to get involved in Harvest Home, first as a volunteer and then as a board member.  Currently in her second year on the board, Julie serves as the Co-Chair and head of the Board Development committee.  In her spare time, she loves hanging out with her 2 teenage children and walking her dog.

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Katie Mcnayr - CO-Chair


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Pamela Cole - Secretary

Pamela brings to Harvest Home a unique set of organizational, administrative and communication skills, thanks to her background in the entertainment industry as a talent agent for twenty one years and in real estate working for her and her husband’s company, Cole Commercial. Pamela aligns her faith with her daily purpose; she believes that investing in people, education and unconditional love are key components to help implement change. Pamela is honored to be a part of the transformative hope that Harvest Home inspires.


Barton Crist

Barton is a management consultant at Deloitte Consulting, where he has been advising CFOs and transforming finance organizations for the past twelve years. He started supporting Harvest Home after being introduced to the organization through his home church, Vintage, and has now joined the board to provide guidance and oversight of the budget and finances. Barton lives in Brentwood with his wife, Kari, who is also an active volunteer with Harvest Home.


Jennie Korneychuk

Jennie LOVES babies. She was drawn to Harvest Home as a place to spend time with her teen daughter and share their love of chubby thighs, sweet giggles, and baby laughter. It didn’t take long for Jennie to fall in love with the moms, as well. She values her roles as volunteer and board member for creating relationships and using her skills, knowledge and trial by error experience to help the young women of Harvest Home build the families they dream of. Jennie is a TV Producer, Public Relations professional, wife to Dan, mom to Maddy and step-mom to Lara & Sasha. She loves all of those jobs – not necessarily in that order.

Heidi Larson Howell

Heidi  Larson  Howell  is  a  labor,  immigration,  and  employment  attorney  with  more  than  10  years’ experience  in  the  field.  As  a  women’s  advocate  and  skilled  labor  attorney,  Heidi  lends  her  wisdom  and  experience  to  Harvest  Home,  helping  to  guide  the  strategic  mission  of  our  organization,  as  well  as  navigate  HR  issues.  Born  and  raised  in  the  mid-west,  Heidi  moved  to  California  to  attend  Pepperdine  Law  School.   She  was  listed  as  one  of  the  top  women  attorneys  in  Southern  California  in  LA  Magazine  in  2015.  Heidi  lives  in  Culver  City  with  her  husband  and child.