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Harvest Home is a residential program that serves homeless pregnant women and their babies. All women enter the program while they are pregnant, and stay on average between 3 and 6 months after the birth of their child. We offer a nurturing, structured program aimed at helping each woman make changes in her life in order to attain independence and stability.



Care for Her Child

We aim to equip each new mom with the education and tools needed to make healthy, loving and intentional decisions for her child. We provide childbirth classes, doula support, infant care classes, parenting groups and mentoring to each woman as she prepares for the journey of motherhood.

Financial Independence

We aim to help each woman develop a plan for long-term financial independence and stability. Through our program, we provide the structure and education needed to help her implementthis plan. We encourage participation in employment programs, GED completion, certification programs, and credit repair. We provide a match savings program and a monthly budget plan for each woman, teaching her basic money management skills.

Emotional and Mental Health

Because many of our clients have endured trauma and abuse in their lives, we aim to provide avenues through which each woman can seek healing, develop healthy coping mechanisms, and learn how to manage her emotional and mental health. During her time at Harvest Home, each woman participates in individual therapy free of charge. We also provide classes on emotional and relational growth, anger management, and conflict resolution. Recovery and support groups  are available to residents as needed.

Physical Health

We aim to help each woman make healthy and informed decisions for her body and for her child’s health. At Harvest Home, each woman participates in a nutrition class, a weekly cooking and meal planning rotation, and yoga classes.

Spiritual Growth

Harvest Home is a Christian organization that serves all women, regardless of religious affiliation. We aim to be sensitive and respectful to each woman’s individual spiritual journey, and to provide a home where each woman can find healing, encouragement, and hope for her future.


Our Services

Case Management — Through weekly case management sessions residents create a plan for long-term stability and work to achieve tangible goals related to the five program areas.

Therapy — Each resident engages in a minimum of one hour of therapy weekly provided by our therapist.

Classes — Classes are offered on-site 3-5 nights a week and correspond with five program areas. Classes include topics such as therapeutic parenting group, safe people, infant care and development, nutrition, breastfeeding support, prenatal yoga, computer skills, budgeting and financial independence, job development skills, and more.

Connections and Referrals — Additional resources are available through partnerships with other community-based organizations.



Alumnae Program

After completion of Harvest Home’s residential program, women graduate to the Alumnae Program. The Alumnae Program provides ongoing coaching and support, events, and access to resources such as diapers.

In-home visits — Alumnae engage in structured home visits with a Case Manager for the first year after graduation from the program. Our Case Managers help graduates find resources and build connections within their new community after leaving Harvest Home.

Events — Our graduates become a community of support for one another and connect at quarterly alumnae events. Our annual events include a mother’s day event, a backyard bbq, and our adopt-a-family Christmas party.

Resources — On a monthly basis alumnae families participate in Diaper Days. Women are able to request diapers and other needed baby items and visit the home once a month to pick up these items.